Weddington NC Tree Service

Arborist cutting down a dead tree in Weddington, NCTrees are one of the most important organisms on this Earth, and one worth caring for. Trees are so much more than just plants that decorate your property. Trees filter the very air that we breathe, that alone makes them pretty important in the grand scheme of things. So it’s important that you care for your trees just as they do for you, at least keep an eye on them.

Emergency Tree Removal

Sometimes it’s just impossible to know when an errant branch or tree is going to come crashing down onto your home or property. It’s important that you check the trees on your property regularly so you can spot any dangers and call us in to get them taken care of safely for you. Sometimes though mother nature just decides it’s time to bring down your tree, and when that happens you need to call Treescape so we can some in same-day and get that tree removed for you. We pride ourselves on our commitment to arriving promptly and doing good safe work, cleaning up your fallen tree or limbs so well it’s as if they were never there. Learn more about emergency tree removal here.

Tree Removal

Not many things pose a greater risk to your home, property, and family than a tree can. The best time to have a tree removed is before it’s able to fall and cause any real issues. When you decide it’s finally time for that tree to come down, make sure you work only with professional arborists who are going to bring your tree down safely and with great caution. True tree service experts will arrive on time with all the tools and expertise needed to tackle the job. Learn more about tree removal services here.

Weddington Tree Experts


Professional Arborists Weddington NC

Treescape’s certified arborists show up when we say, and deliver you serious value with our honesty and experience. Not in the Weddington area? Check out our Charlotte NC tree service page and check out the other areas we serve. 

Weddington Tree Cutting

Nobody wants to discover that their tree limbs are damaged or starting to die, but you have a chance of saving your tree with proper tree trimming. You cannot know it but pruning is a fantastic way to keep your trees healthy, removing dead limbs allows nutrients to be used more wisely and promotes new growth. If you want the best for your trees, you want professional arborists doing your tree cutting. They keep your trees overall health in mind and know what to avoid and how to best trim your particular tree. Learn more about tree cutting services here.

Stump Grinding & Removal

grinding a yard stump in Weddington, NCIt doesn’t matter if your stump has been there for a day or for a year, it’s a safety hazard and just needs to be removed. As simple as stump grinding may sound on its face, it’s a job that you really only need to leave in the hands of the professionals. Not only do we have all of the tools we needed to get the job done, but we have the experience needed to operate them efficiently and safely. There are other manual options out there, but they’re truly just not worth the effort required, grinding is the way to go. Learn more about stump grinding services here.

Shrubbery Reshaping

While the fast growth of shrubbery is often a good thing, it can lead to a lot of twisted up limbs and reduced flowering as a result. Shrubbery reshaping has dual purposes, it’s great for aesthetic reasons and promotes the growth of new healthy limbs that will sprout better. Shrubbery reshaping serves dual purposes, not only does it give you that great fresh look but it allows you to control your shrubs and make sure they grow back healthy and just how you want them to. Don’t think of trimming just as a method of controlling shrub size, think of it as shaping how you want it to grow in the future. Shrubbery reshaping is so impactful in the present and future. Nothing else can keep your shrubs looking and growing better than regular trimming. Learn more about shrubbery reshaping here.

Tree Preservation

If you really value your trees it’s important that you care for them and have them checked on regularly. Our certified arborists have the tools and knowledge to gauge the health of and work towards preserving any trees you may need. The best treatment is prevention, so we check for things like soil quality, signs of disease or pests, and the health of branches to best get a gauge of the state of your trees. The resistograph is one of the stronger tools that we have at our disposal, it gives us a wealth of good information so we can give your tree the best care. With all of this insight, we can preserve your tree as well as possible for the foreseeable future. Learn more about tree preservation here.

Tree Inspection

Often times, by the time a tree begins to show outward signs of distress such as decay or loss of leaves, the underlying issues have already progressed past the initial stages. Treescape’s arborists are experts in trees and local conditions, they’re going to be able to identify, analyze, and help out any trees you may have. Generally, we’ll be looking at the overall health of a tree including signs of pests and diseases, as well as identifying structural issues and ensuring your soil meets all the requirements your tree needs. Just like doctors’ visits for yourself, it’s important that you keep your trees healthy. Learn more about tree inspection here.

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