Arborist cutting down a dead tree in Gastonia, NCGastonia NC Tree Services

Treescape Tree Experts provides full tree services in the Gastonia NC area. From removing trees that have been brought down unexpectedly by storms or just a nice planned tree removal, we’ll be there quickly to get your problems solved!  Treescape has been cutting trees for over 20 years. We have been helping people in the Gastonia / Charlotte area when they need trees removed, stump removal, trees inspected and saved whenever possible – and more. With two decades of satisfied customers, Treescapes is THE trusted arborist throughout Mecklenburg and Gaston county – call us today to find out why we’re the company people call when it comes to trees!

Gastonia is the largest city in Gaston County, North Carolina, United States. It is the second-largest satellite city of the Charlotte area, behind Concord. As of the 2010 Census, the population was 71,741. In 2019, the population had increased to 77,273, so the area is seeing solid and steady growth. Gastonia is the 13th most populous city in North Carolina. It’s a great place to do business and has some of that local feel while not at all lacking business and being right in reach of Charlotte.

Emergency Tree Removal Gastonia NC

Sometimes it’s just impossible to know when an errant branch or tree is going to come crashing down onto your home or property. If you are lucky enough to spot any dangerous trees or limbs before they fall, give us a call and we’ll come in same day and remove the tree without any damage to your home. Sometimes though you can’t do anything to prevent a tree falling on your home or property, so when it does make sure you call Treescape and we’ll make sure we get that tree completely removed for you same-day. We take pride in our commitment to arriving quickly and doing a safe and complete job with every tree removal job we do. Learn more about emergency tree removal here.

Tree Removal Gaston County

It doesn’t matter if you want one tree gone because it blocks your view or if you want a whole row of trees gone, Treescape can safely remove any number of trees from your property. If you want the best and safest results with tree trimming, you need to really ensure you’re working with a professional arborist. We’ve been in the business long enough to know how to handle any type of tree removal, we have all the tools on hand to do it safely. Learn more about tree removal services here.

Gastonia Tree Experts


Gastonia Service Area

Belmont NC, Cherryville NC, Lincolnton NC, Lowell NC, Kings Mountain NC, McAdenville NC, Dallas NC, Bessemer NC, Shelby NC, Lake Wylie SC, Clover SC, York SC

In Mecklenburg County? Check out our Charlotte NC page and all of the areas around that! 

Gastonia Tree Cutting

It’s not always too late when you discover limbs on your tree dying – proper trimming could be just the thing your tree needs to keep it alive and thriving. You cannot know it but pruning is a fantastic way to keep your trees healthy, removing dead limbs allows nutrients to be used more wisely and promotes new growth. To be sure that you won’t accidentally do more damage than good, enlist the services of a professional arborist. They know what to look for, what to avoid, and how to get the best results with your tree. Learn more about tree cutting services here.

Stump Grinding

grinding a yard stump in Gastonia, NCIt doesn’t matter if your stump has been there for a day or for a year, it’s a safety hazard and just needs to be removed. Stump grinding sounds simple, but it’s actually difficult work that requires experience to do right. That’s why you need to work with professionals like ourselves, we work hard to ensure we have all the equipment we need and the expertise needed to operate it as efficiently and safely as possible. Manual stump removal is just not a good option, stump grinding is truly the only way to do it if you want it done right and quickly. Learn more about stump grinding services here.

Shrubbery Reshaping

Shrubbery is notorious for growing very quickly, this can lead to limbs growing all over one another and flowers not to bud as well as they should. Shrubbery reshaping is more than just aesthetic, it promotes new healthy and organized limb growth that is healthier and flowers better. One thing to avoid is trimming only to control size because that is a losing battle with how fast shrubs tend to grow. The true end goal with any shrubbery reshaping is making your shrub’s limbs grow out evenly so your shrub looks great year-round. Lifelong trimming is far and away the best way to keep your shrubs looking fantastic for their entire life. Learn more about shrubbery reshaping here.

Tree Preservation Gastonia, NC

As strong as trees may be, you’ve got to take care of them if you want them to live the longest healthiest life that they can. Treescape’s certified arborists always come prepared with both the knowledge and tools needed to accurately assess the health of your tree and maintain that in the future. We look at many different things, from the branches of your trees to the quality of the soil it’s sitting in and the state of its roots. We often use the resistographs when doing tree preservation, with it we can get a sample of the entire core of the tree to get a good idea of what it’s been through and the internal integrity of the actual tree, allowing us to come up with a plan for preservation. Learn more about tree preservation here.

Tree Inspection Gaston County

By the time your trees are showing easily noticeable signs of disease or distress, the issue causing it is probably already past its initial stages and may be harder to deal with. As certified arborists and tree experts at Treescape, we are very well equipped to identify and treat any issues at all that your trees may be having. When you have Treescape handling your tree inspection, you can trust that as certified arborists we know the most troubling things to look out for and how to treat just about any problem we may run into. Learn more about tree inspection here.

Treescape’s certified arborists show up when we say, and deliver you serious value with our honesty and experience. We take protecting the environment around us seriously and always work hard to leave your yard in better shape than we found it. We take great pride in working in the Charlotte/Gastonia/Gaston County/Mecklenburg County area

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