Arborist in platform cutting old oak with chainsaw.South End NC Tree Service

Treescape Tree Experts provides full tree services in the South End, NC area. From removing trees that have been brought down unexpectedly by storms or just your run of the mill tree removal, we’ll be there quickly to get your problems solved! Treescape has been cutting trees professionally in the area for more than 20 years now. We have been helping people in the Gastonia / Charlotte area when they need trees removed, stump removal, trees inspected and saved whenever possible – and more. With two decades of satisfied customers, Treescapes is THE trusted arborist throughout Mecklenburg and Gaston county – call us today to find out why we’re the company people call when it comes to trees!

Emergency Tree Removal

Sometimes it’s just impossible to know when an errant branch or tree is going to come crashing down onto your home or property. If you are lucky enough to spot any dangerous trees or limbs before they fall, give us a call and we’ll come in same day and remove the tree before it can cause damage to your home. Sometimes though you can’t do anything to prevent a tree falling on your home or property, so when it does make sure you call Treescape and we’ll make sure we get that tree completely removed for you same-day. We arrive promptly with all of the tools and expertise needed to get the job done quickly and safely, we clean up all of the remnants too so it’s like the tree never fell. Learn more about emergency tree removal here.

Tree Removal

It doesn’t matter if you want one tree gone because it blocks your view or if you want a whole row of trees gone, Treescape can safely remove any number of trees from your property. It’s so important that you make sure you only work with a true professional arborist to ensure the safety of yourself and your property. We’ve been in the business long enough to know how to handle any type of tree removal, we have all the tools on hand to do it safely. We can draw from our 20+ years of experience for any job we need to do to ensure we get it done quickly but with the most safety possible. Learn more about tree removal services here.

South End, Charlotte, North Carolina

The lively South End is known for its vibrant nightlife, with a number of craft breweries and laid-back pubs, plus buzzy restaurants serving elevated American and global cuisines. The area is full of antique buildings repurposed for great reasons, the area is also home to a number of great art galleries. Moving outside, the area has some popular hiking greenways/trails. With all of this history and art in the area, it’s important that at the very least you know the trees around your property aren’t going to fall. For residences and businesses alike maintaining a clean appearance makes a huge difference in your curb appeal. It can be as simple as pruning to ensure even growth for years to come. 

South End Tree Experts


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 Professional Arborists South End NC

Treescape’s certified arborists show up when we say, and deliver you serious value with our honesty and experience. We take protecting the environment around us seriously and always work hard to leave your yard in better shape than we found it. Not in the South End area? Check out our NoDa tree services page. 

South End Tree Cutting

Cutting down trees is ideally the last resort, as professional arborists, we work hard to save any trees that we can. Often times if you catch problems like disease or rot early enough, they can be taken care of with proper tree pruning. Even trimming can be difficult, it’s best left to arborists who can identify what they’re working on exactly and make split second decisions. Tree trimming is also often done to get parts of a tree out of the way or just for appearance as well, it’s a service that is very worth it. Learn more about tree cutting services here.

Stump Grinding

Stump being ground downWhen we do tree removal we go all the way down to the stump, they’re nothing more than a safety hazard and annoyance that you don’t want to have to deal with. Stump grinding may sound simple on its face, but it’s actually quite dangerous work that needs to be left in the hands of the pros ideally. Treescape has the tools and experience needed to do the job well and safely every single time. Stump grinding is the most efficient removal method by far, stumps are not at all easy to remove. Stumps are extremely hard to just pull out of the ground and things like chainsaws are going to struggle to get through them, so trust Treescape for all of your stump grinding needs. Learn more about stump grinding services here.

Shrubbery Reshaping

Getting shrubs to grow successfully is not as easy as planting and forgetting about them. As importance as getting your shrubs looking good right now is, our main goal is getting them looking good and growing perfectly in the future. With careful trimming you can get your shrubs growing out more evenly meaning you don’t have to care for them as often, and when you do it’s easier to get them looking just how you want. If you get it growing how you want while it’s young, it’ll look better and be easier to maintain in the future when it does mature and from there on out. Learn more about shrubbery reshaping here.

Tree Preservation

Trees may be extremely strong but they aren’t invincible, you need to keep an eye on them and care for them occasionally to keep them thriving and healthy. As certified arborists we have the knowledge and always come with the tools needed to asses the total health of your tree, and maintain that as time goes on. We look at many different things, from the trees branches to the quality of the soil it’s sitting in and the state of its roots. The resistograph is one of the greatest tools we have for tree preservation, with it we can get a sample of the core of the entire tree and inspect it for weakness, cracking or any signs of decay, giving us great insight and information into your tree. Learn more about tree preservation here.

Tree Inspection

In our experience, often times by the time your tree is showing signs of disease or distress, the issue is already past the initial stages. As certified arborists and tree experts at Treescape, we are very well equipped to identify and treat any issues at all that your trees may be having. When we inspect a tree we try to cover everything from soil quality to how compact it is on your roots and what impact that has on them. We know the big things to look out for, what to avoid and what certain signs mean. Learn more about tree inspection here.

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