Arborist in platform cutting old oak with chainsaw.Cotswold NC Tree Service

Treescape Tree Experts provides full tree services in the Cotswold area. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just had a tree crash through your living room or you just need some limbs cut and removed, Treescape can handle it all! Treescape has been cutting trees in the Charlotte area for over 20 years now, we’ve taken care of every type of tree in just about every way you can imagine. We have been helping people in the Gastonia / Charlotte area when they need trees removed, stump removal, trees inspected and saved whenever possible – and more. With two decades of satisfied customers, Treescapes is THE trusted arborist throughout Mecklenburg and Gaston county – call us today to find out why so many people only trust Treescape with all of their tree care needs!

Emergency Tree Removal

Nobody can predict when accidents are going to happen, sometimes things just go wrong and often it’s when you least expect it. Whenever a tree related accident does happen, Treescape is standing by and ready to come out and get you help as soon as we can, we know how scary something like this can be. We can’t say it enough, it’s so worthwhile to have issues resolved before they become huge problems. When you need emergency tree removal you’re usually in some dispair to say the least, so we work hard to get the job done and make sure you’re as comfortable as you can be. We take great care to preserve your home and property, we clean up after ourselves so you’re not left with any annoying mess either, if you’ve had a tree fall on your property you have enough to worry about. Learn more about emergency tree removal here.

Tree Removal

Not many things pose a greater risk to your home, property, and family than a tree can, as lovely as they are they’re also so dangerous when they do fall. The best action you can take is prevention, you want to be the one bringing these trees and limbs down safely, not having some wild thunderstorm do it for you. When you decide it’s finally time for that tree to come down, make sure you work only with professional arborists who are going to bring your tree down safely and with great caution, we’ve had to come in and clean up too many jobs that another “tree service” halfway did or just couldn’t handle. A truly professional tree service is going to arrive on time with all the tools and expertise needed to remove your tree quickly and safely every time without fail. Learn more about tree removal services here.

Cotswold, Charlotte, North Carolina

The Cotswold neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina, most likely taking its name from the large shopping center, Cotswold Village Shops, located at the intersection of Randolph and Sharon Amity Roads. Originally known as Cotswold Mall, it was one of Charlotte’s first suburban malls. Being near a mall this neighborhood gets a ton of traffic, it’s important to ensure your business and home both look good. Unkept trees is a fast way to make your property look unkempt and uncared for. Treescape can also help you ensure the safety of your property, we can analyze all trees on the property and remove those that need it. 

Cotswald Tree Experts

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Professional Arborists Cotswald NC

Treescape’s certified arborists show up when we say, and deliver you serious value with our honesty and experience. We take protecting the environment around us seriously and always work hard to leave your yard in better shape than we found it. Not in the Cotswald neighborhood area? Check out our Chantilly neighborhood tree service page.

Cotswald Tree Cutting

As professional arborists we don’t love just cutting down trees for no good reason, but if you need a tree gone for your own safety or just to improve the look of your yard, we can do that for you. If you want to save a tree but just aren’t sure what to do, we can do our best to find you a reasonable solution! If your tree becomes diseased or starts dying, pruning could be just the thing to save it. It’s best to leave tree trimming in the hands of arborists, right off the bat we can get a good idea of if it’s going to work well enough or not. Freshly trimmed trees really look good, people notice things like that first and foremost. Learn more about tree cutting services here.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Stump being ground downRegardless of if you had the tree cut down a week ago or that stump has always been there, stumps are unsafe and a hazard that you’re best off removing as soon as you can. As simple as stump grinding may sound on its face, it’s a job that you really only need to leave in the hands of the professionals. As important as the tools are, it’s so critical that whoever is doing your stump removal has the knowledge of how to use those tools effectively. You truly just can’t do stump grinding on your own without these tools. Stump grinding is one service where our value shines through. If you try to remove a stump on your own you risk hurting yourself and truly wasting an entire day’s worth of time just to realize you should have called us to begin with. You never want to just leave a stump sitting there, they attract all kinds of bugs and pests that would love to move into and destroy your living trees once they’re done with your stump, plus who wants a huge anthill or other annoyance living in their backyard? Learn more about stump grinding services here.

Shrubbery Reshaping

Shrubs need to be trimmed and cared for to keep them looking their best and as healthy as they can be, if your shrubs are just sitting there for years at a time chances are good they’re going to suffer to some degree. Everyone loves the look of freshly trimmed shrubs, but there’s a little secret to it a lot of people don’t realize. If you prune your shrubs and bushes in the same style that you want them to grow into, keeping them looking good is as easy as a very simple trim every now and again. It’s worth that initial time investment to set yourself up for easy management, do more work now so you have less to do later! Learn more about shrubbery reshaping here.

Tree Preservation

If you really value your trees it’s important that you care for them and have them checked on regularly. Treescape’s certified arborists come prepared with all of the tools needed and have the expertise to handle any tree preservation job you may have. We try to work proactively and get the best sense of your tree’s health that we can, so we check everything from soil density and makeup to looking for diseases or pests. The resistograph is one of the stronger tools that we have at our disposal, it actually let’s us look at the trees entire history and how it’s lived its life, the most valuable info we can have for it. All of this knowledge gives us the best shot at keeping your trees alive and healthy, we can never have too much information to go off of. Learn more about tree preservation here.

Tree Inspection

Often times, by the time a tree begins to show outward signs of distress such as decay or loss of leaves, the underlying issues have already progressed past the initial stages. As experts in tree health and local conditions, Treescape arborists can identify and help treat just about any issue your trees may have BEFORE it becomes a huge issue. In a tree inspection, we’re looking for a few particular things like pests, disease, structural issues, even ensuring your soil is of good quality. We leave no leaf unturned if we can help it, even the smallest things can signify big issues for your trees health. Think of tree inspection like a physical, it’s your chance to identify and underlying issues and take care of them before they progress. Learn more about tree inspection here.

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