Arborist cutting down a dead tree in Belmont, NCBelmont NC Tree Service

Treescape Tree Experts provides full tree services in the Belmont NC area. From removing trees that have been brought down unexpectedly by storms or just a nice planned tree removal, we’ll be there quickly to get your problems solved!  Treescape has been cutting trees for over 20 years now, it’s safe to say we’ve just about seen it all in that time span. We have been helping people in the Gastonia / Charlotte area when they need trees removed, stump removal, trees inspected and saved whenever possible – and more. With two decades of satisfied customers, Treescapes is THE trusted arborist throughout Mecklenburg and Gaston county – call us today to find out why we’re the company people call when it comes to trees!

Emergency Tree Removal

You can never predict or know when a true emergency is going to strike. Whenever a tree related accident does happen, Treescape is here ready to come help at a moment’s notice. You should never leave a tree or limbs in hazardous spots where they can damage your home or property, for your own safety you need to have those removed as soon as you can. When you need emergency tree removal, you can trust Treescape to arrive promptly and ready with all the tools and experience needed to handle the job. We take great care to preserve your home and property, even making sure to clean up after ourselves so it looks like us and your troublesome tree were never even there. Learn more about emergency tree removal here.

Tree Removal

Not many things pose a greater risk to your home, property, and family than a tree can. The best action is prevention, you want any risky or troublesome trees to come down on your terms and not from a surprise summer thunderstorm or other weather events. When you decide it’s finally time for that tree to come down, make sure you work only with professional arborists who are going to bring your tree down safely and with great caution. Any professional tree service is going to arrive on time with all the tools and expertise needed to remove your tree quickly and safely. Learn more about tree removal services here.

Belmont Tree Experts


Professional Arborists Belmont NC

Treescape’s certified arborists show up when we say, and deliver you serious value with our honesty and experience. Not in the Belmont area? Check out our Cherryville NC tree service page.

Belmont Tree Cutting

Cutting down trees is ideally the last resort, as professional arborists, we work hard to save any trees that we can that you don’t want cut down. If your tree becomes diseased or starts dying, pruning could be just the thing to save it. It’s best to leave tree trimming in the hands of arborists, they can ensure a job well done and the promotion of the growth of more healthy limbs. Tree trimming is also regularly done just for your own convenience and for aesthetic reasons, a nice fresh even trim looks great. Learn more about tree cutting services here.

Stump Grinding & Removal

grinding a yard stump in Belmont, NCRegardless of if you had the tree cut down a week ago or that stump has always been there, they’re an inconvenience and potential safety hazard that needs to be taken care of. As simple as stump grinding may sound on its face, it’s a job that you really only need to leave in the hands of the professionals. Not only do we have all of the tools we needed to get the job done, but we have the experience needed to operate them efficiently and safely. Manual stump removal is just not a good option, stump grinding is truly the only way to do it if you want it done right and quickly. Stump grinding is one service where our value shines through. Instead of you having to waste countless hours of your own, we can be in and out in an hour and take our mess with us. Learn more about stump grinding services here.

Shrubbery Reshaping

Shrubs require regular trimming and care to grow them out so they look their best and are as healthy as they can be. As important as getting your shrubs looking good right now is, our main goal is getting them looking good and growing perfectly in the future. Keeping your shrubs cut short is a losing battle, ideally, you want to trim them in a way that promotes good even growth. You may think that your shrubs are insignificant and not worth the time, but getting them looking good to a point where you DON’T have to care for them all the time for them to look great is so well worth it. Learn more about shrubbery reshaping here.

Tree Preservation

If you really value your trees it’s important that you care for them and have them checked on regularly. Treescape’s certified arborists come prepared with all of the tools needed and have the expertise to handle any tree preservation job you may have. We try to work proactively and get the best sense of your tree’s health that we can, so we check everything from soil density and makeup to looking for diseases or pests. The resistograph is one of the stronger tools that we have at our disposal, it gives us a wealth of good information so we can give your tree the best care. With all of this insight, we can preserve your tree as well as possible for the foreseeable future. Learn more about tree preservation here.

Tree Inspection

Often times, by the time a tree begins to show outward signs of distress such as decay or loss of leaves, the underlying issues have already progressed past the initial stages. As experts in tree health and local conditions, Treescape arborists can identify and help treat just about any issue your trees may have. In a tree inspection, we’re looking for a few particular things like pests, disease, structural issues, even ensuring your soil is of good quality. We leave no leaf unturned if we can help it, you never know when the smallest warning signs will turn into the largest problems. Think of tree inspection like a physical, it’s your chance to identify and underlying issues and take care of them before they progress. Learn more about tree inspection here.

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