Trees change throughout the season. However, most homeowners might not expect to see their tree suddenly covered in webs. The sight of a caterpillar web infested tree can indeed be a shock for anyone. Still, this is not anything to be alarmed by, as this tree problem can be easily explained and fixed. Problems with your trees? Need Gastonia tree services?

Web-covered trees are typically the result of worms or caterpillars which come out in the spring and fall. Webworms and Eastern tent worms usually cause this kind of webby mess on trees. Their presence can be annoying, but homeowners can get rid of these pests and their webs.

Is Your Tree Infested With Webworms or Eastern Tent Caterpillars?

Treescape tree service Charlotte NCThere are some key differences to note between webworms and Eastern tent caterpillars. Chiefly, each of these bugs will nest and harvest food in different trees. Webworms tend to go for oak, pecan, cherry, walnut, and hickory trees. They sometimes are found in other tree species, but these are the trees they most frequently target. On the other hand, Eastern caterpillars focus on apple, ash, and maple trees.

Eastern tent caterpillars come out in the spring and spin much thicker and complex webs. Webworms prefer the fall weather and will feed on trees during this season most frequently. These worm’s webs are also thinner than those of the Eastern caterpillar.

How to Get Rid of Tree Webs

It’s important to know that homeowners don’t have to worry about any significant tree damage from a webworm or Eastern tent caterpillar infestation. So panicking about these bugs is unnecessary. Instead, calmly remove any webbing created by either of these bugs. Make sure the worms or caterpillars are on the web and removed as well.

Preventative measures can also be taken. If the eggs are removed from the trees during the winter and summer, the webs will never form. This removal is the easiest way to get rid of webworms and Eastern tent caterpillars.

Call Treescape

If the trees on your property are overrun, it might be best to call in professionals. Treescape can get rid of web infestations in trees with ease, especially those near the top of tall trees. We are a Charlotte NC tree service covering the entire Mecklenburg/Gaston County area. Homeowners won’t have to waste their time dealing with bugs and other pests infesting their trees when they call us. Call us at 704-598-6641 (Charlotte) or 704-867-4100 (Gastonia) to schedule an appointment.

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