Moving into a new home makes for a thrilling experience. The opportunity to own a home embodies the American dream. Still, the decision to own a home is a major one and needs to be approached with a lot of thought and preparation. Before buying a home, it should be thoroughly inspected for safety and reliability. The same is true for the property on which the house sits. Homeownership means land ownership, and that often also means tree ownership.

Know Exactly What You’re Getting Into

Treescape tree inspectionA tree inspection of the new property makes more sense than people might first realize. To the untrained eye, a tree is a tree, which is why it takes an expert to tell if the tree is healthy and not a potential source of problems once the house is purchased.

One of the more common hazards trees pose is what happens when they fall. Depending on the type of tree and its location, a fallen tree can cause significant damage to a home. The potential damage from branches is another concern. A tree expert can explain the best way to prune such trees to make them safer.

Roots Can be Very Dangerous

Invasive roots are a problem that is harder to identify. Tree roots will go where they need to to keep the tree alive. That includes under the driveway, the house foundation, and even into the septic system. Getting the root system checked is always a good idea.

While checking the roots might be problematic, most trees tend to look pretty normal on the outside. Some tree diseases aren’t so easy to observe. Having trees inspected means they can be checked for both disease and insect infestations, both of which are bad for the tree and possibly other trees on the property.

Soil Inspection Saves Time and Money Long-Term

Possibly the most challenging question regarding a tree is if it’s a high maintenance tree. Some trees require a lot of regular pruning and proper soil pH levels. Having a tree inspected will help answer whether or not the tree is easy to take care of or not.

Owning a home is an adventure, an experience, and joy. Plenty of homes come with trees, and having trees creates a beautiful outdoor aesthetic. That’s why it’s so important to make sure the trees are inspected for safety, just like the home.

For information or to schedule a tree inspection, contact Treescape the leader in tree services at 704-598-6641 (Charlotte) or 704-867-4100 (Gastonia).

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