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Planting a tree, also means caring for a tree and nurturing it’s growth, ensuring it is healthy… and safe. Trees in general require an immense amount of care in order to ensure that they receive a fully nourished growth. When it comes to tree care, there are several components that go into account. It’s always best to choose Tree Care Services that are aimed towards the best treatment of your trees and foliage. Therefore some base knowledge and awareness of the key tree care terms can help in understanding what level of attention and care they need. There are many procedures and methods that can help the growth of your trees, and below you can find just some…


Different Types of Tree Care Terms:

Be it a certified arborist, tree care company, or even plant health care services, all are equally essential to amplify the beauty of your environment, and make it sustainable for years to come. Tree care simply means the requirements and methods for maintaining healthy, thriving trees. Although there are many other tree care terms to describe the methods and work carried-out…


The task of Dead-Wooding involves the removal from the tree of all branches that are dying, already dead, infected or broken. This can be particularly helpful to avoid storm damage from falling branches. Removing all dead, dying or diseased branches, twigs, limbs, and branches from a tree will improve its overall appearance, and help restore it to its former glory.

Crown Pruning

Tree Pruning is one of the most essential elements of tree care and the kind of pruning and its regularity can severely impact the outcome of your tree’s overall look and health. Crown Pruning is essential since it allows the tree to have greater freedom or air movement and allows the tree’s crown to develop efficiently, without compromising on its shape. This is because the excessive branches are removed that could have hindered the tree growth. Pruning is not just restricted to one single method, there are different types of pruning…

CROWN LIFTING: Removing the lower branches of the trees canopy. This is often done to allow more light, make room for buildings/ cars. While making trees liveable so you can retain them for years to come.

CROWN THINNING: Selectively removing interior branches and thinning branch tips. This method is particularly useful if the tree has been badly pruned in the past.

Tree Topping

Tree Topping Involves completely removing the top portion of a tree. In the past this has often been an approach to improve views but highly unrecommended practise these days. It is now understood that topping is highly-detrimental to the structure of the tree leading to decay and poorly attached new growth.

Stump Grinding

If a stump is in the way of new structural landscaping or building plans stump removal is the answer. Stump grinding involves the mechanical removal of tree stumps from just below ground level.

Other Types of Tree Pruning

The other types of pruning include topiary pruning which refers to the cutting down of shrubs and trees to make them look more appealing and give them the customer’s desired ship i.e. turn the tree or bush into a topiary. In addition to topiary pruning, there is also specialized pruning which is also aimed more towards the visual aspect and refers to cutting and trimming in a manner that the client’s garden or yard looks more appealing and the visitor’s eye has a better view to catch.



We hope you have found this explanation of tree care terms to be useful. We believe in providing our customers with the assistance and guidance that they need in order to optimize their growth and ensure that they receive proper Tree care. At Treescape Inc, we carefully asses the conditions of your tree, and draw effective conclusions that help us decide how to treat your tree. Our goal is to ensure a healthy eco system and further beautify your garden and the environment. We serve all residents, commercial and municipal clients residing inside the Carolinas. Our dedicated team are ready to help! Contact us if you have any further queries, and get a free estimate of the services that you require.

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