Are you selling your home and moving into a new home? Making the exterior of your property look good as the interior is vital to your home’s resale value. Curb appeal is a significant factor in determining whether a potential buyer is interested in the property or not. Therefore the landscaping should be well maintained and in the best shape possible when going into the real estate market. How do trees affect curb appeal? How do you prepare trees for a home sale? Tree services offered by a professional arborist are essential to help.

Tree Care for a Resale Home

Remove the Fallen Branches and Leaves

Trees shed branches and leaves on your lawn and roof, especially during autumn and winter seasons. To keep your grass healthy and clean, rake the leaves regularly during these seasons to offer a well-maintained landscape to potential home buyers. If some fallen branches are too big or difficult to remove, get professional tree services to help you out.

Take Care of Possible Safety Hazards

A beautiful tree on your property is a great selling point. However, if it poses a safety risk to the home or the owners, it can turn buyers away instead of attracting them. If you have trees on your landscape that are in danger of falling or those with long and large branches hanging over your house, have them inspected by a professional. Tree arborists know how to take care of and handle fragile trees in a way that reduces safety hazards.

Consider Tree Removal Services

If you have dead, weak, or diseased trees on your property, there may be the temptation to chop them down before staging your home or an open house. Don’t be so quick to cut it down. Get an expert arborist to evaluate and decide which trees to remove and which need pruning. A tree service can also get rid of unsightly stumps on your lawn safely and completely.

Contact Treescape

Trees are a huge selling point for a home. They need to be taken care of and presented correctly to maintain their value. If you have trees on your property, have them inspected and maintained by a professional arborist. At Treescape, we offer expert tree services from inspection, maintenance, and removal that help homeowners maintain the beauty and safety of your property—Call 704-598-6641 (Charlotte) or 704-867-4100 (Gastonia) to set up a service appointment.


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