When it’s time to cut down a tree, yelling timber as the tree falls is only half the job. There’s still an unsightly tree stump that’s left disrupting an otherwise well-groomed yard. While some people might opt to leave the tree stump as is, it’s never a good idea when tree maintenance is concerned. Why so?
  • Tree stumps are a safety risk to children, sidewalks, house foundations, and landscaping equipment such as lawnmowers.
  • As the stump decays, it attracts unwanted species such as termites, beetles, and carpenter ants that are known to wreak havoc on homes and other trees.
  • A decaying tree stump with mold and weeds is an eyesore
  • An unattended stump may strip the surrounding soil of essential nutrients – causing other plants to die or wither.
There are several ways to get rid of a disruptive tree stump – but the most common techniques are stump grinding or stump removal. So, which method is the best?

Stump Removal

Stump removal is a comprehensive process in which a tree stump is extracted completely. It often involves physically digging a huge hole and using high-power machines to pull the stump – leaving a gaping hole.

  • Mitigate the risk of health hazards
  • Easy to replant another tree
  • Stump and roots are eliminated completely
  • The gaping hole left behind is unsightly
  • Expensive
  • Time and labor-intensive process
  • Stump removal is not environmentally friendly (i.e., it’s intrusive)

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a simple yet intricate process in which a professional uses a stump grinder to whittles down a tree stump into sawdust mechanically. Although the stump can be ground to a user’s desired height, it’s advisable to go below the soil level.
  • Faster than stump removal
  • Environmentally friendly
  • More affordable
  • Ground stumps may be reused as mulch
  • Process is not as labor-intensive as other methods
  • No gaping holes on your lawn
  • A possibility that the tree might sprout given the right conditions
  • Roots are left behind to decay

Stump Removal Versus Stump Grinding – Which Process is Right for You?

The choice between the two techniques largely depends on your landscaping plans. If you’re strapped for cash, or you want a fast process, you can’t go wrong with stump grinding. But if you need complete removal of a stump (i.e., if you’re going to replant in the same region), stump removal is the best option.
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