Just like people can have harmful parasites in their bodies that are destructive internally, trees can have insects that burrow into a tree’s interior. They are incredibly damaging as they feed on the inner wood of the trees. The key to saving your trees is to detect the signs early on. Once you do, you can get professional tree inspection so that your tree can be free of these insects. Read more to know the signs of tree boring insects.

Visual Clues of Tree Boring Insects

Exit Holes

Since the insects feed on the wood of the tree’s interior, you will notice exit holes in the bark. The holes will be either oval or round-shaped, have sharp edges, and appear fresh if detected early.

Bore Dust (Frass)

If you think that your timber is infested, but you are not sure, then examine the base of the tree. Is there bore dust (looks similar to a small pile of sawdust) on the ground? This frass is a sign of infestation. Bore dust is due to the continuous emergence of adult beetles. If you find frass, your best bet is to get a proper tree inspection done.

Dead Beetles

If the timber of your tree is infested, then you may notice many dead beetles around it. Dead beetles are a sure sign that your tree has borer insects.

Dead Branches And Discoloration

Tree borer insects slowly destroy your trees. If the top of your tree becomes thinner, dead branches, and discolored leaves, then there may be an infestation. It would be best if you got a professional tree inspection done as these are danger signs. Insects can completely ruin your tree, and it won’t be able to be saved later. As soon as you see these symptoms, then call a professional.

Common Tree Boring Insects

Apart from the signs, here are some common borer insects you will find in particular trees:

  • Locust Borer: Feeds on black locust trees
  • Emerald Ash Borer: Feeds on ash trees
  • Longhorned Beetles: Vulnerable trees include oak, maple, willow, ash, elm, linden, and poplar
  • Bronze Birch Borer: Feeds on paper birch, yellow birch, and gray birch


Prevention is better than losing when it comes to insect issues with trees. It is crucial to detect the signs early on and start treatment. If you suspect you have signs of tree boring insects, then contact Treescape for a tree inspection.



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