Tree care After a Storm

Storms can cause severe damage to homes and buildings, as well as damage to trees. Though many trees can sway with the wind, severe winds can break even the most flexible of branches. It may not be ideal, but sometimes the damage can be extensive enough that emergency tree removal is the only option. Sometimes the tree can be saved, but knowing whether a tree can be saved or not depends on the type of tree, the extent of the damage, and where the damage occurred on the tree. Read more about Restoring Trees After a Storm.

Evaluation After the Storm

Treescape Emergency tree removal GastoniaWhen a storm strikes, making sure it’s safe to go outside is the top priority. Once the weather has calmed, surveying the damage is the next step. Depending on the severity of the weather, damage can occur to cars, homes, and trees on the property. Taking stock of the potential damage can help reveal the state of the trees. If you need a professional to take a look at the damage, tree inspection is a common services that we perform.

For example, a few lower branches breaking is acceptable, but a significant break along the trunk could be a severe problem. Either way, to accurately appraise the extent of the damage to any trees after a storm, hiring an arborist is an excellent idea. An expert on trees can determine the amount of damage a tree sustained and whether or not the damage is severe enough to warrant removing a damaged tree.

The Decision to Remove a Tree

If a tree needs to be removed as a result of storm damage, it might be a good idea to plant a new tree. Since a tree was there, replacing it will allow the local ecology, not to mention the lawn, to more easily recover from the storm damage. If the tree itself is okay except for a few cracked or broken branches, having the branches pruned could save the tree and also prevent future damage to the tree, property, or home. Though consulting with a certified arborist is advised, regular pruning of individual trees can help reduce the risk of damage to trees and property in the event of a storm. Sometimes tree removal is the only solution.

Consult with a Tree Care Expert

Storms can do a lot of damage. High winds, lightning, hail, and even flooding can cause severe damage to trees. The extent of the damage depends mainly on the severity of the storm, how well maintained the tree is, and the type of tree. Anyone unsure of the possible amount of damage to trees on their property should consult an expert to see if the trees can be saved, or if they need to be replaced.

If you need guidance or advice for tree care from storm damage contact us and we will be happy to help.

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