When it comes to iconic trees, oaks are probably one of the most well known in the realm of hardwoods. The mere mention of oak brings to mind the adjectives strong and sturdy. The lifespan of the average oak tree is 100-300 years. Durability, dependability, and beauty are all contained within the simple yet majestic oak tree.

It is little wonder people have oak trees planted around their homes. These sturdy, formidable trees embody nature and the very essence of the land around them. However, unlike their untamed brethren, an oak tree on personal property needs to be appropriately maintained to prevent possible damage to a home or car from falling branches. Regular tree trimming is vital for oak tree maintenance, and knowing when and how often to prune is essential for a healthy oak tree.

An oak tree should be pruned every two or three years to ensure the branches do not get too long or thin. Oak trees do not grow quickly, and thus pruning should not be done on an annual basis, as this will prevent any actual growth for the tree.

For two reasons, the best time of year to prune an oak tree is from late autumn to the end of March. One, the insects and diseases that might attack recently pruned branches are dead or dormant at this time of year. Second, with the trees in their winter state, they are not growing. Pruning trees during the growing season is, in general, to be avoided as it can damage the look or growth of the tree.

In general, these recommended times for pruning are for northern climates. For those living further south, the trees should be pruned in the late summer, fall, or early winter because the growing season is mostly over for most trees by mid-summer. Those who plan to prune a tree should consult a local landscaper or trusted website on the matter before proceeding.

Deciduous trees tend to be more forgiving of pruning than evergreens, but that is no reason to take such efforts lightly. An oak left without pruning can pose a danger to cars and homes, but any pruning must be done with care. If unsure on how to prune your oak tree, leave it to the professionals at Treescape. They can keep all your trees looking beautiful and healthy. Oaks can be old and sturdy, and deserve respect when they are maintained.

For more information tree trimming or to schedule a consultation, contact Treescape. Call 704-598-6641 (Charlotte) or 704-867-4100 (Gastonia).

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