Trees offer a lot of benefits for people and animals. Their fallen leaves and needles can nurture the soil and provide nesting materials. Their seeds are food for people and animals, and their wood provides lumber and firewood. They provide shade from the sun to keep us and our homes cooler. In general, trees are magnificent. Their aesthetic beauty offers a significant appeal for homeowners and landowners, and that’s just part of why they are suitable for the land itself. Trees provide so much to home and landowners.

Strong Roots Provide a Great Base

Treescape treesThe most significant benefits trees have for landowners, whether in the front yard of a suburban home or on the acres of a country estate, is their roots. A tree’s roots provide a vital support system for soil to prevent excess runoff from rainwater. Water goes where it wants, and without a sturdy root system to keep the dirt, well, rooted, too much water causes erosion and the possibility of damage to the land. A tree’s root structure is a significant boon for land protection in preventing soil erosion.

The aesthetic benefits of trees were alluded to earlier, but they are essential to consider when it comes to the property value as well. A properly maintained tree or two can improve curb appeal and the utility of a backyard by providing shade, a place to hang hammocks and plenty of free kindling for the fire pit.

A Free Home for Many Animals

More important in the short term is the benefit of trees to nature. They are often home to birds and squirrels, so having a tree means a chance for easy bird watching. Not only are birds in the trees fun to watch, but birds and squirrels residing in the local tree on the property are critters not causing damage to the home. If the birds have a happy home in the trees, they’re less likely to mess up gutters and siding with their nests.

Trees provide plenty of benefits literally from their roots to their canopy. They’re good for the soil for preventing erosion and stagnant or damaging water, they offer homes to animals, and their beauty in the landscape. Trees are lovely, and having them on the land provides plenty of benefits. No matter one’s desire for having trees, their utility cannot be denied and are sure to impress anyone who passes by the property.

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