Did you know that the right shade tree can increase your property’s value? It also helps make a bold statement in your landscape. You have numerous options when it comes to shade trees, but choosing the right tree for your yard takes time and careful planning. You have to consider a lot of things such as planting requirements (soil and light), size, the appearance of the tree, and much more.
All trees require space, but how big of an area? How much sun will the tree need? Which is the ideal spot to ensure the tree isn’t a risk to your home? It takes a lot of careful thought. Nobody does Charlotte tree services quite like Treescape Tree Experts does.

Determining the Ideal Spot

Treescape tree removal Charlotte NCConsider the tree species and how big it can get even with pruning and trimming. How much room is there in your yard for the tree to grow and mature with branch spread? Select the spot with direct sunlight, as most trees require six hours of direct sunlight every day.

Which Trees are Right for Your Area?

Different trees do well in different areas. Take your time and research on the best in your area. For people living in gardening zones 9 and 10, red oaks, crape myrtles, and red maples are recommended. For those living in warm summer and cold winter areas, pine trees thrive. Find the best one for your area.

Soil Testing

The selected planting spot should have the best soil for the specific type of tree. To prepare the planting site, you can amend the soil. Soil does not all come the same, some is going to be full of nutrients and great for growth while other areas may just barely be able to support grass, let alone a tree.

Purpose of the Tree

Do you want a large area of shade? Do you want privacy? Do you want a tree that can yield fruit or a tree that flowers in the spring? Fruit trees provide pleasant shade, while ornamental trees that bloom in the spring will be smaller. Answering these questions will help determine the proper tree for your yard. The bottom line, get a tree that serves the right purpose.

Tree Care & Maintenance

How much work are you willing to put into maintaining the tree? You can choose an evergreen shade tree that won’t produce fruits or flowers, reducing the amount of cleaning required. If you have time, you can go for a tree that loses its leaves in the fall, meaning you have to rake the yard during the fall.

Examine different shade trees before making a final decision. Get a healthy tree from your local garden supply store or nursery. Large trees may require a landscaper to install. Make sure to ask about any guarantees (in case the tree dies within a year).  One big selling point of trees is the shade and privacy that they can offer you, nothing beats being outside on a hot summer day and being able to seek shade underneath the shadow of a big tree and finding instant relief.

Planning the proper tree will not only beautify your yard, but will reduce the chance of having to have it removed in the future. For more information on tree removal Charlotte NC, contact Treescape at 704-598-6641 (Charlotte) or 704-867-4100 (Gastonia).

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