If a tree on your property is dying, it needs to be removed sooner rather than later. Dead trees can be a danger, not only to your home but to pets and anyone who walks near them. The threat is large tree branches falling and damaging a house or a person. Still, how can homeowners tell if a tree cutting is required?

It isn’t always immediately apparent whether a tree is dying or needs to be removed. Still, homeowners should know what signs to look for when deciding whether to have a tree cut down. Here are some of those signs.

Signs of a Dying Tree

Homeowners should look out for obvious signs of tree death before they call in professionals. There should be some clear indications that something is wrong. These signs include large branches falling from the tree, trunk rot, leaf discoloration, root rot, peeling bark, and fungus growth. Most people can tell if a tree is looking unhealthy.

Location of Tree

If you are sure that the tree is dying, you need to consider how dangerous it is to objects in its surrounding area. If a dying tree is close to a bedroom window or nearby a sidewalk where people walk frequently, you should remove the tree. Many people are harmed and even killed by falling tree branches each year. Don’t take any chances if there is a potential danger. Call professionals to take down your tree.

Cost of Treatment

Some sickly trees can be treated if a tree doctor is hired quickly. However, homeowners should think about the cost and likelihood of survival of their tree beforehand. It might be better to have it removed in some cases, especially if the tree is beyond saving. Trees with damage extending from 25 percent to 50 percent of its canopy are not as likely to pull through.

Professional Evaluation

Consider how extensive the tree’s damage is and have a specialist evaluate the tree and present some options. If there is a chance you can save the tree and are willing to pay the price, then don’t cut down the tree. If you think that the tree is beyond treatment, have it cut down as soon as possible. It’s better to have a new tree planted, and then you don’t have to keep worrying about the safety of your property.

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