Maintaining the trees on your property is good for curb appeal, and it also helps prevent property damage. The challenge for most people, however, is knowing the right time to prune trees. You don’t want to prune early and end up damaging the tree. You also don’t want to do it too late and incur costs and damages. You want to prune your trees at the right time. Below are signs that your trees need a prune.

When You Need Pruning – Broken Branches

Treescape tree removal Charlotte NCBroken or limp tree branches exposing the inside of the tree is a sign that the tree needs a prune. Treescape recommends that you prune the tree immediately to avoid further damage. Check all trees after a heavy rainstorm or windstorm and get them pruned in case of any damage.

Deep Cracks

Deep, excessive cracks in the tree’s bark is an indication of a dying tree. If ignored, the rot spreads, and then you’re going to end up calling us out for a tree removal service.

Crossing Branches

Healthy trees that haven’t been tended to for long often have branches that cross, touch, and rub against each other, damaging the bark. This “wound” exposes the interior part of the branch, which leads to rot and decay, which can quickly spread to other parts of the tree if not pruned.


Dead branches are a hazard and an indication of a tree that requires pruning. Excess deadwood is an indication of a dying tree. Without pruning, the tree decays, and eventually, the entire tree has to be removed.

Heavy Branches

Excessively heavy branches catch the wind, and they are most likely to fall and cause damage because of their weight. Take a good look up the tree if it’s thick with lavish greenery such that you can’t see through, it’s time for a prune.

Wandering Branches

Wild branches tend to reach the house, and others entangle around telephone wires. These branches can cause damage to both your home and surrounding property. The wild and untamed branches can cause severe damage to your roof and siding, which is costly to repair.

Tree Canker

Cankers show up as a spot where the tree’s bark is missing or sunken. It’s a sign of decay or disease, and it leads to complete rot if the tree is not pruned.

Tree Removal in Charlotte NC done by Treescape ensures the tree is well pruned and the rotted area removed, preventing further decay and possible loss of the entire tree. Tree pruning or removal isn’t an easy task. It’s a risky job that should be left to professional arborists and a registered company to handle. While it can be hard to tell exactly when the tree is due for a trim, the professionals at Treescape can handle any Gastonia tree services that you may need. Please leave it to us and enjoy excellent curb appeal and minimize the risks to your home.

For more information contact Treescape at 704-598-6641 (Charlotte) or 704-867-4100 (Gastonia).

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