Lush green gardens full of trees are eye candy for all. If you’re also looking forward to planting trees and getting your garden fall-ready, we have good news for you. You might not be aware, but there are some trees which can grow very quickly and thus your garden can be all dressed up in less time. Let’s look at selecting fast-growing trees for your yard.

Shade Trees for Your Yard

What are the Best Fast-Growing Trees for My Yard?

Picking the trees you wish to grow is very important as these trees will stay in your yard for a very long time. While deciding, multiple factors must be kept in check – the available space, the soil type, and the climatic zone. Based on these factors, you must decide the type of trees you wish to grow. If you’re planning for evergreen trees, you can enjoy shady leaves through all seasons, but at the same time, you must ensure good space availability as evergreen trees are likely to spread across widely.

Some of the Most Amazing Fast-Growing Trees

There is an extensive list of trees that grow quickly. Here are a few of the most popular:

Red Maple: These beautiful trees, commonly known as the October Glory, are very common in North America and Central Ontario. They have shallow roots and spread across a vast area. Enough functional space is a prerequisite. Also, they can grow in a variety of soil types, but the moisture is essential. Also, timely care, proper maintenance, and pruning are necessary for these trees.

Eastern White Pine: Eastern pines are used for landscaping of large estates, parks, and mansions. They hold a very high ornamental value, and also they grow at a great speed. They will grow quickly, but the branches are brittle and cannot tolerate snow weight. Check if these beautiful pine trees are suitable for your location.

Crape Myrtle Trees: They belong to the category of the deciduous trees that can grow fast. These trees bloom floral clusters throughout the summer. The flowers come in a broad range of colors that will suit any garden pallet. The falling leaves in autumn give the most picturesque scenery and worth the effort of planting these trees. Cape Myrtles can grow to be 30 feet tall, or with extensive pruning, they can be kept to 10-20 feet for more restrictive areas.

Fast-growing trees can turn your yard into a shaded outdoor living space in no time. Take the time to select the ones best suited for your area.

If you need more assistance on tree selection or looking for help maintaining the trees you already have, contact Treescape at 704-598-6641 (Charlotte) or 704-867-4100 (Gastonia).

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