Misshapen and Damaged Trees – What To Do…

Trees can become damaged or misshapen in many ways. A severe storm can break branches or cause a tree to shift or tilt to one side or another. Trees can also become misshapen if they weren’t placed or positioned in the ground correctly when first planted. When performed by an experienced landscaping professional, trimming and pruning may help restore the appearance and health of your trees.

Trimming and Pruning

Damaged trees do not always have to be removed. If the damage is minor and mostly involves the branches, trimming or pruning may be all that’s necessary to restore the health of a tree. Trimming simply refers to cutting away uneven branches and excess growth. Pruning is a process that addresses the overall health of a tree. It’s a process that includes safely removing damaged branches and checking to see if there are any more signs of damage to the tree.

Correcting Misshapen Trees

When done correctly, pruning can be an effective way to correct a tree that is misshapen is some way. It’s a process that typically starts with trimming away branches that are extending too far away from the tree to create a more even look. If a younger tree is misshapen, some type of bracing may be necessary to encourage the tree to naturally straighten as it continues to mature. There is nothing that can be done with severely misshapen trees that are fully mature other than trimming branches in an effort to create a more appealing appearance.

Tree and Stump Removal

Tree removal isn’t something you should attempt yourself, especially if you have larger trees that have been damaged beyond repair. One option is to only have the tree cut down to the base and leave the stump in place. If you prefer this option, make sure the stump is properly prepared to prevent decay. Should you prefer to have the stump removed, you can either cut any fresh growth that appears to naturally deplete the roots — a tree’s root system can remain active even after the tree has been cut. Another option is to have the stump and all roots removed when the tree is cut down.

Protecting Nearby Trees

Trimming and pruning does more than just protect a specific tree. Keeping a tree healthy or correcting issues with damaged branches can also keep the rest of your landscape healthy. Doing so can also allow nearby trees to receive adequate light and nutrients.

Safety take care of damaged trees by calling on the team at Treescape to get it done. Every effort will be made to save a tree that is damaged. Pruning is often an effective solution for misshapen trees or trees that have minimal damage. If removal is necessary, it will be done in a way that protects nearby trees and other elements of your landscape. Contact Treescape today to schedule an appointment.

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