Most people – if not all – want a deal that offers maximum value for their hard-earned money. But what does the ‘best deal’ involve? Is the cheaper option always the best? While saving a couple of bucks is inherently desirable, it’s not always the best route. There are some areas where the cheaper course involves skimping on items that end up costing more than you anticipated in the long run – case in point, tree services.

When it comes to tree pruning, stump grinding, shrubbery reshaping, tree preservation, and other tree care services, it’s crucial to prioritize the value of services over cost-cutting.

Why Should You Avoid Cheap Tree Service Companies?

Treescape tree serviceAll arborists – regardless of the cost of services – must break even at the end of the day. The seemingly expensive tree service companies cover their costs by offering a fair wage as compensation for their superior services. On the other hand, cheaper arborists have to cut corners to break even. Taking shortcuts often exposes homeowners to safety risks – and a less expensive tree service can end up costing more. Here are some examples of risky cost-cutting methods leveraged by cheaper companies.

  • Hidden costs associated with additional services and deceitful payment terms.
  • Hiring unqualified, low-cost personnel with little-to-no tree removal, trimming, inspection, or tree maintenance experience.
  • The use of cheap and improper equipment that might be harmful to trees.
  • Neglecting necessary safety precautions – hence putting property and people at risk.
  • Lack of proper insurance to cover unforeseen accidents.

Simply put, hiring a cheap tree service company means accepting a higher level of risk.

Finding the Best Value for Money

It’s crucial to understand the value of tree services offered versus the bid. Does the price match the quality of the services provided? Read on for tips on how to ensure the best value for money.

Prioritize competency. No one wants to come home to damaged property or a cringing sight in the backyard. With this in mind, look for certified arborists with proper training/knowledge and verifiable insurance information. They should have a full understanding of relevant health, aesthetics, and safety issues.

Look for proper communication and customer service. The tree care estimate should include specific information on the ‘whys’ and ‘when’ of the tree services. This information gives a homeowner peace of mind and ensures the outcome is satisfactory. The payment terms must be clear.

Treescape – Quality and Safety First!

Do not compromise on the quality of tree service and your personal/property safety to save a few bucks. Look for the value behind a price. If you want to learn more about proper tree care or need emergency tree removal, reach out to Treescape. We are the go-to company for all your tree needs in Charlotte NC and Gastonia NC area.

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