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When and Why of Tree Removal

16 February

Before it is necessary to turn to tree removal, an arborist will do everything in their power to save the life of the tree. That can mean emergency pruning or diagnosis and treatment of disease in hopes of saving the root structure before the tree dies. If the tree is already dead, happens to be growing in the way of future construction or has grown into a hazard to those on the property; the only option is tree removal. It does take a specific level of experience and expertise along with heavy equipment to remove a tree safely and properly from any type of property.

A big, beautiful tree in the yard can be a special part of a family’s home. Whether it was home to a children’s tree house or the sturdiest branch once held a beloved swing, letting go of a tree can be tough. There are specific times that signify that the tree absolutely must be removed, generally it has to do with the safety of those on the property. Without proper pruning, a tree can grow into the roof or windows of a house which will make it a hazard to the structure requiring prompt removal. It is also a necessity to remove a tree if future construction plans encroach on the root or branch space. Handling the removal before beginning construction can save money and time for the construction contractor. Once the property owners have decided that removal is the only option, it is definitely necessary to bring in a team of professionals to make sure that the tree, stump and roots are all removed efficiently and safely.

Hiring a professional arborist for this task is ideal because they have the proper equipment, knowledge and liability insurance for the job. When choosing an arborist for tree removal there are significant considerations to be made about the company before committing to them for the job. Always choose a treescape team that is a certified arborist, if they aren’t certified then check that they’re involved with an arboriculture related organization. The next step to hiring a company for tree and stump removal is to work with a team that will give a detailed estimate that includes length of time for the project to be completed. Lastly, at the estimate be sure to always ask the landscape company about their insurance, safety gear and equipment that they foresee using on the project. With all of these bases covered the tree removal project should be ideal both for the contractor and the owner of the property