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Watering New Trees: A How-To

28 July

Once you have planted a new tree or sapling, it is time to take care of it to make sure that it will grow healthy and tall. The one thing that every tree owner must remember is that they need to water new trees. Watering new trees is an easy process but oftentimes a tree …

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tree topping image

Topping Trees Good or Bad?

19 July

Topping trees has been a common practice for years. People have been accepting tree topping as a necessity in tree care. About every summer you can drive around your area and find trees that have been cut almost to a stump. People cut them down for a variety of reasons. Some just want to reduce …

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How To Plant a Sapling Tree

23 June

Why plant a sapling? By now it is apparent to everyone that planting trees are good for the environment. Trees produce oxygen that is needed to sustain life. They also absorb harmful pollutants that would otherwise be adding the problems we have on this earth today. There are so many reasons to plant a sapling …

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How to Save a Dying Tree

22 May

In order to save a dying tree, a few steps must be taken into account. First off, one must identify the problem with the tree. The signs of a dying tree are little to no leaves, decay, cracks, bending, or dried wood. Oftentimes determining the source of the problem requires help from an arborist (a …

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