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When and Why of Tree Removal

16 February

Before it is necessary to turn to tree removal, an arborist will do everything in their power to save the life of the tree. That can mean emergency pruning or diagnosis and treatment of disease in hopes of saving the root structure before the tree dies. If the tree is already dead, happens to be …

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What Is An Arborist?

What is an Arborist? – The true definition of an arborist is “tree surgeon,” and that isn’t far from the truth. In the industry someone can call themselves an arborist if they’ve accrued technical competence to efficiently and correctly care for woody plants and trees. Arborists or as they’re sometimes called, arboriculturists study the biomechanics …

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Adding a Tree to Your Property

Adding a tree to your property is an investment of time and energy for years to come. Before even adding a tree it’s important to asses the property and decide exactly the right place for the new sapling. Be sure not to put a tree under power lines because eventually it will grow into the …

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