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Tree Trimming Service in Charlotte, NC

27 December

Why Trimming? Tree trimming service is necessary to keep trees healthy and looking great. Everyone should adopt this practice, especially if they care just as much about tree health as they do appearance. Trimming allows a tree or shrub to be shaped and designed to look good. Pruning treats damage, fungi, and molds to keep …

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Belmont, NC Tree Services

6 December

Caring for trees in Belmont, NC The gorgeous natural canopy of the area enhances living, working, and playing in Belmont, NC. But sometimes, trees become too majestic for residential living. Their towering size and far-creeping roots can pose a problem for people with smaller lawns or businesses. The professionals at Treescape will help safeguard you …

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Tree Banding to Prevent Cankerworms

13 November

What are Cankerworms? Cankerworms, commonly known as inchworms, are small creatures that crawl up trees while eating it, leading to damage to the leaves. The worms reproduce by laying eggs that hatch on the plants leaves, causing the leaf to fall away from the plant. The resulting larvae feed on the new protruding leaves for …

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Watering New Trees: A How-To

28 July

Once you have planted a new tree or sapling, it is time to take care of it to make sure that it will grow healthy and tall. The one thing that every tree owner must remember is that they need to water new trees. Watering new trees is an easy process but oftentimes a tree …

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tree topping image

Topping Trees Good or Bad?

19 July

Topping trees has been a common practice for years. People have been accepting tree topping as a necessity in tree care. About every summer you can drive around your area and find trees that have been cut almost to a stump. People cut them down for a variety of reasons. Some just want to reduce …

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How To Plant a Sapling Tree

23 June

Why plant a sapling? By now it is apparent to everyone that planting trees are good for the environment. Trees produce oxygen that is needed to sustain life. They also absorb harmful pollutants that would otherwise be adding the problems we have on this earth today. There are so many reasons to plant a sapling …

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save dying tree

How to Save a Dying Tree

22 May

In order to save a dying tree, a few steps must be taken into account. First off, one must identify the problem with the tree. The signs of a dying tree are little to no leaves, decay, cracks, bending, or dried wood. Oftentimes determining the source of the problem requires help from an arborist (a …

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When and Why of Tree Removal

16 February

Before it is necessary to turn to tree removal, an arborist will do everything in their power to save the life of the tree. That can mean emergency pruning or diagnosis and treatment of disease in hopes of saving the root structure before the tree dies. If the tree is already dead, happens to be …

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What Is An Arborist?

What is an Arborist? – The true definition of an arborist is “tree surgeon,” and that isn’t far from the truth. In the industry someone can call themselves an arborist if they’ve accrued technical competence to efficiently and correctly care for woody plants and trees. Arborists or as they’re sometimes called, arboriculturists study the biomechanics …

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Adding a Tree to Your Property

Adding a tree to your property is an investment of time and energy for years to come. Before even adding a tree it’s important to asses the property and decide exactly the right place for the new sapling. Be sure not to put a tree under power lines because eventually it will grow into the …

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